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November 19, 2007

Retail Services – Best Buy

PO Box 15521

Wilmington, DE 19850-5521


Re: Delaying processing so you charge a Late Charge

Customer Service,

I’m writing to get an understanding why I’m getting hit with late fees and I mailing my payment in plenty of time. My Retail Services payment is due on the 28th of the month. October I mailed all my bills on Saturday October 20th, American Express, FIA card services, State Farm Bank and Nordstrom Bank. Retail services are the only collector assessing a late charge for so call being one day late.

Saturday November 17, I called and spoke with supervisor David in customer services, he told me it could take mail 7 to 10 day’s payments to reach Baltimore. I didn’t believe this. In 7 days you could drive back and forth.

So I contacted my local post office (312-225-0218) and asked how long does a 1st class letter going from Chicago to Baltimore should take. 1st class mail should take 3 to 5 business days to reach Baltimore. David told me its double that. No 1st class mail in the continental US should take more than 5 days between large cities!!!

Since Retail Service uses electronic withdrawals, I can’t see front and back of my check.

The envelope used with the postmark and bar code info along the bottom is probably in the waste by now.

I want it recorded when this letter was received in Delaware. I’m mailing it Monday November 19. Excluding the holiday.

I want the late fee remove and credited my account. And stop this practice of intentionally delaying processing of payments so you can charge customers automatic late fees. Or you cancel my Best Buy account and close it out.


Melvin Jackson

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