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So many people like to come to these places and vent about the horrible service they were given or how rude someone was.Now don't get me wrong I have had bad service too, but as a manager in the retail industry I have seen and heard so many bullcrap complaints from people(customer).

I ask that before you complain, that you put yourself in that persons shoes. Many people have no idea what retail work is like and also have no idea how what we put up with. Unfortuntly, where I live we have alot of theft and people that like to try to scam us until they get everything that they want for free.

So many people just come in making an *** out of themselves and then wonder why they get rude service in return.

You get what you give.

So anyway, that is my little rant.All I ask is that you step back, think about the situation you are complaining about, put yourself in that persons shoes that has to now try to help you, and you will probably find that you get better service.

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Oh I love it!!Some people are just so dumb!!

I agree with the coupon one. I had a guy come in just the other day who had used a ten dollar off coupon on his one hundred dollar purchase. It divides the discount among all items purchased.

He returned one item and thought he should get the forty cents back that he didnt pay because of his discount!!Oh brother!!


Too true.

I deal with online customer serivce. If you place an order on a big company's website and need to call in to ***, more than likely you've talked to me.

You wouldn't believe the *** I hear everyday or the *** complaints.

"I chose the free/cheap shipping and it's been 4 WHOLE DAYS and I still don't have what I ordered!"

"I purchased this item and I recieved the item and it's just fine. I just decided I don't want it anymore. So can you guys pay to have it sent back to you or just refund me my money and I keep the product?"

"What do you mean I can't pay cash?! I don't care if I'm placing an order on the internet!"

"I ordered this certain product and you accidently sent me two but only charged me for one. I think you should just give me the entire order for free because you troubled me by sending me more product on accident. Plus I want to keep the additional product."

"I have a coupon for 10 dollars off my purchase and a code for 10 percent off. Can I use that to buy a gift card?"

You *** people call, and bit and complain and all you want is free *** or a *** coupon.

I take about 160 calls a day. About 5 of those callers will have legitimate reasons to be pissed.

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